Sunday, October 24, 2010

A thought about...

collegiate skiing, and one area where it is miles ahead of NCAA sports. That area would be gender equality.

Earlier this month, I was sitting on a dock waiting to ski and somehow Title IX came up in conversation. I basically said that it was a good law (mandating gender equality in collegiate athletics), applied clumsily (by cutting unprofitable men's sports). Collegiate waterskiing's current format encourages gender equality with a simple method: Making team scores the combined total of men's and women's score, and only recognizing placements based on combined scores. teams that do not field full men's and women's teams are at a competitive disadvantage.

The NCAA should look to the NCWSA for better ways to comply with Title IX. NCWSA-style combined team titles would force schools into two choices: gender equality or habitual losing

While combined championships might not make sense for team sports, it would be a realistic way to organize track and field, swimming, and/or gymnastics. If cutting the Men's team would hurt the women's team too, maybe Title IX could become a good law applied fairly.

Just a thought

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