Wednesday, November 29, 2006

just a thought...

According to only one (of many) blogrings ,
over 1000 active knitting blogs exist in cyberspace.

Only 2 waterski blogs fight for bandwidth.


That's 1000+

to 2

Kinda sad

Not just for warmth...

peeing in your jumpsuit is actually good for you.

While orienting as an orthopedic nurse, I learned this tidbit form an expert on pelvic fractures. Basically, having an empty bladder, at the moment of a pelvic fracture, reduced the chance of internal injury because of the bladder's reduced size in its nondistended state. That means less bladder to hit with a chunk of misplaced pelvis. Less bladder space means less displacement of colon, and other assorted anatomical injury risks when the pelvic cavity isn't crowded by the remnants of your last 7 red bulls. Speaking of colons,the famous PJD is not a bad idea either. Don't be full of crap unless you are bragging about your best distance to the ditzy, yet busty waitress at your nearest lakeside Hooter's.

Note: I wish I had the Rowboat's research team working for me. If that were the case, I would have have pictures of someone peeing, empty red bull cans, a jumper, a hooters girl, and a bottle of milk of magnesia to go with my little announcement

So do yourself a favor and pee in your jumpsuit. Just wait until you get into the water.