Monday, July 27, 2009

Road trip suggestion...

for my blogging Brethren, The CRB.

Get thee to Wilmington IL, this Saturday evening to watch Men 2 jump @ the Midwest Regional Championships.

The contenders* are all jumping their at best, and far.
Brian Ansel- 168 "on a 3/4" @ the Iowa Games**
Jeff Surdej- 166 @ The Illinois State Championships**
Brett Mommer- 160 "on my heels" @ The Illinois State Championships**
Aaron Weeks- no score from Indiana State Championships, but a solid 146 average.
Rykert Toledano- 156 and "I missed my lift" @ the Iowa Games**
Mike LaMarche- 143 @ the Illinois State Championships**

* All the level 8 jumpers as of Monday 7/27/09 on the
ranking list.
** scores posted in a 5-10 mph tight-crossing tailwind

This Year, Water's Edge has a second ramp. That Means GUARANTEED HEADWIND. Guaranteed headwind means BIGGER JUMPS.

CRB, need a phat ride to roll into the event?

May I suggest this:

Friday, July 24, 2009

I think there just...

might be a link between calm water and good slalom:

Wednesday: calm water and Terry strokes his 32
water still calm and your fearless blog moderator strokes (sloppily)
his 32 as well.

Enter into evidence:

I want to collect LOTS more data.

Good Andrew...

First-ever complete pass at 30mph (30.4 to be exact).

Bad Andrew:
First time over the ramp.


Don't worry Andrew, you'll get it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Am I delusional,...

or do I have a knack for picking tournaments with shitty weather?

I must be crazy.