Monday, June 30, 2008

This guy was...

an idol of mine.

I had about 8 of his Specials on DVD & Video, not to mention a couple hours worth of stuff downloaded, and 2 of his books. Oh yeah, and I saw him live twice, in 1997 & 2002.
Shit, he's dead. I'll Fuckin' miss him.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why the hell...

is a short cut that starts on the same side of the wake as the ramp called a single, when a longer cut in which the skier crosses the wakes called a three-quarter cut? Last time I checked, .75 < 1.


A "three-quarter" cut

A "single" cut
single wake

The "single" looks more like a half-cut.
The "three-quarter" looks more like half of a double cut. Half of a double is a, what's it called, oh yeah, a single.

Go figure

*By the way, I must credit Libby, my wife, with the idea for this post. Every time I mention jumping and she is within earshot, she tells me that these two cuts are misnamed.

Don't you just hate it ...

when Mace Windu rides in the boat and doesn't even have the courtesy to keep his lightsaber turned off.

Maybe a disturbance in the force caused all of those damn rollers
(No picture, I don't want to be sued by Lucasfilm)

Shout out to the CRB-- The Lake of Sin is open for business! Of course it's full of backwash and it feels like the beginning of the year all over again (minus the drysuits/shrinkage)