Thursday, May 29, 2008

I forgot to...

tell Pat that we were only taking skiing pics. Pat, to paraphrase Shakespeare, "get thee to a [podiatrist]."


We hath begun to awaken...

the sleeping ramp.

Note: all spirited commentary courtesy of 6-year-old Rachel, soon to be a skier herself

Pat has been doing mainly cut sets

I've done a few singles

Screw the singles, I'll just do a few easy three-quarter cuts.

Rick is still slaloming

though not quite up to snuff yet.

Nola, as always, has been providing dockside encouragement/harrassment.

Next: a quandary over jump terminology

Thursday, May 22, 2008

This picture needs no...

clever description

fry pan

Back to skiing.

Neither Rick nor myself have slalomed much this year. The skiing doesn't deserve a clever description.



Too much of this

right now

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm not the only one...

spending too much time in the water these days...


How does that dog not need a wetsuit?

I still have to...

shake quite a few cobwebs off of my tirck ski

Edge all the way up the wake, you moron!

Don't let your ass get behind you on your way up the wake, you moron!
Notice how my ski is basically in the sideslide position when it hits the water, no wonder it slides right out from under me.

Early in the year, I like to do a lot of series of WB WF R R 's. It helps get me in a ryhthm of quick transitions between tricks.

I do the same drill with WBB's too, although this one looked like shit.

One days I need a fourth person when I'm tricking so I can critique my toe tricks in the same way. Unfortunately, hold release + hold camera= shredded ligaments

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Part 2 of I finally remembered...

my camera.

This is me riding my jumpers.

I always start with the crane drill.

Then I cut at (approximately-- the speedos on the Moomba are not yet calibrated) 35 mph

And there is the traditional crapping out at the end of the set.

I'm tired of just cutting. I want to hit the ramp

I finally remembered...

to bring my camera out to the lake.
See Tom*.
See Tom slalom.

See Tom's much improved technique. Well, I guess that's difficult because I didn't get any footage from earlier in the week. So instead, see blog reader taking poster's word for it.

*Tom is part of a family legacy On The University Of Iowa Waterski Team. His sister (Dr. Marie) skied @ Iowa from 98-02
marie done

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Potential potential...

for injury. I am in the process of making a hardshell trick binding out of an old rollerblade boot and a wiley jump plate from one of my my old jump binding


I used a Dremel tool (Thanks Libby) to slice the runners off of the boot.


I'm still working out a lot of the what-hardware's and the how-to's.

Optical illusion time: Doesn't it look like the water goes right up to the concrete?