Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Now the bad News

Lakerykert APB!!!!!

Attention, all skiers who window shop for ski equipment on the web!!!

These are two posts taken from the skifly gossip board on skifly.com
(your fearless blog moderator is nohypothermia)

nohypothermia Registered UserPosts: 113(3/26/07 6:07 pm)Reply
Earlier this afternoon (3/26) women's 1 and University of Iowa skier Leah Timmerman had her jumpers stolen at coralville lake in North Liberty, Iowa. The jumpers are connelly's either 82" or 84" the older graphics. If you see any jumpers like thse on ebay or other sites please email her at
leah - timmerman @ uiowa. edu (remove spaces)

Leah Registered UserPosts: 1(3/26/07 10:45 pm)Reply
Yes, thank you so much Rykert! They are 84" Connelly HC 2000, so if anyone sees a pair that fits this description please contact me!! also my jump suit (womens intensity, black and purple, size 12) and masterline sling, size medium, were stolen, so you might see everything in a package deal. Thank you!

Also, If you are in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area and happen to see a Jeep Grand Cherokee with a white "Team Daiwa" decal on the rear windshield, Please jot down the Tag # and contact Leah at the above email address. The owner of that vehicle was the lsat person seen at the Mehaffey Bridge boat ramp where the skis and equipment were stolen

Creaky Rowboat and Water on the Brain, could you please post a copy of this on your blogs inorder to get the word out.

First, the good news...

For the first time I began skiing in the Midwest, I got in the water before April 1st. [did I beat you, Water on the Brain?]

I rode my new jumpers. The word from the boat crew was that I was caught off-guard by the accelleration of the skis on my first cut. Apparently, It was an "oh shit" expression. The boat crew's observation matched my own feelings at the time.

Sorry, no pics. we went out at the last minute and I didn't have a camera with me. My apologies to my millions of readers (Ok, that's a stretch). You'll just have to imagine some guy riding a new pair of Goodmans behind a POS '97 Moomba on a choppy public lake that was full of floating, dead, rotten fish