Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's almost time...

to start jumping.

Though not cutting terribly hard in this clip, Leah is turning and edging the skis with a strong, balanced, body position.

I need to push my ass forward sligtly, otherwise there will be a few OTBs in my near future.

I would have done a few singles yesterday, but for a couple minor probelems.
1. The ramp had no flotation under the back left corner.
2. Said ramp was floating on the edge of the lake.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A day late ...

and off-topic, this is my 4/20 tribute.

In three parts:

This tribute is a day late. I couldn't post this yesterday because I had to pick up Nola from the shore of some pond. She smelled like PBR.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Oh how silly...

you are. You thought you could capture Nola with Jack Bauer.
Jack Bauer is the Elmer Fudd to Nola'a Bugs Bunny.
Nola has a plan for "inconveniences" such as these. Jack has a weakness and Nola knows how to exploit it.
All she has to do is distract Jack.

But how?
With a sound, the sound that can break Jack's laser-sight focus.

Nola always keeps a phone under her collar, for emergencies such as these.

Splash! Jack distracted, Nola lunges out of the rowboat.

Nola's escape

In panic, Jack fires a shot.
Jack is upset.

Jack misses, piercing the hull!

So Nola swims away, sits on shore, and laughs.

So here we stand: a rowboat at he bottom of the lake, a dog on shore, a cooler and a paddle floating on the surface. I think Jack went down with the ship.

How did Nola get past the fat floating gunmen??

How, you ask?


cheez-it distraction

They produce quite a distraction.
Your move, CRB

Tom, I think...

you broke @ the waist.

Nice work. Clips from early in the year are generally not very exciting. A good splat, however, is always worth watching.

So far, I am tricking like I still have vertigo.

I don't, that clip was just bad tricking.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hell yes,

that is frost on the dock.
frost dock 2009 waterski 001

Winter, as always, was too long. It's over now. Time to strap on the stiffys (Goodman stiffys, you pervs).
frost dock 2009 waterski 006 - Copy

frost dock 2009 waterski 013
I can't go over the ramp until I have sensation in my toes wile cutting.

Photography 101:
frost dock 2009 waterski 004
Nature shots always look prettier with a ski boat in the foreground.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Another victim of...

the recession. Apparently,Nola has been laid off by the CRB. She had a cushy gig as the contact dog. But, when Pictures were leaked (at lakerykert) of Nola simply doing her job. CRB staff dug up old scandals and fired her, for an octo-rig.

This may seem, to the untrained blog-lurker, like a routine upgrade. Switching a Golden Retriever for an octo-rig can make sense. A higher volume of e-correspondence requires more horsepower. It was a business decision.

Or was it?

Nola did a little "investigative journalism," (some might say theft) and discovered that the CRB's contact octo-rig is not quite what it seems.

What is Nola towing with that rope?
Nola Towing

It's the CRB Octo-rig!?
WTF? Why is is that small?
Nola octo-rig

The Octo-rig is a fake! Nola was outsourced by a children's bathtub toy. What's the matter, did Cheez-It's become too expensive? You should be ashamed of yourselves, CRB. She was a hard-working dog, dutifully responding to all those, er, Internet promotions. Now she will have to sell her laptop. Even a recently laid off postal worker would shudder at the type of retribution she could muster.

A quick update for...

your "No Shit, Sherlock" file.

Headline taken from the April 6, 2009 New York Times :

Children: Early Swim Lessons May Reduce Drowning



Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Stricken with...


I'm currently recovering from a brief, though intense bout of benign positional vertigo. The timing sucks, being that this is just about the time to start skiing (and shivering) in Iowa. Instead of perfecting toe back-to-backs, I'm pushing for more modest goals, like not losing my balance while feeding Nola.

By the way, Nola has been busily responding to CRB emails lately. How the hell did she get sucked into that gig? ODBF, or perhaps the Minion, must have bribed her with Cheez-its.
Good luck trying to get Nola to return the Missing CRB padlle, though.

Nola laptop