Thursday, April 09, 2009

Another victim of...

the recession. Apparently,Nola has been laid off by the CRB. She had a cushy gig as the contact dog. But, when Pictures were leaked (at lakerykert) of Nola simply doing her job. CRB staff dug up old scandals and fired her, for an octo-rig.

This may seem, to the untrained blog-lurker, like a routine upgrade. Switching a Golden Retriever for an octo-rig can make sense. A higher volume of e-correspondence requires more horsepower. It was a business decision.

Or was it?

Nola did a little "investigative journalism," (some might say theft) and discovered that the CRB's contact octo-rig is not quite what it seems.

What is Nola towing with that rope?
Nola Towing

It's the CRB Octo-rig!?
WTF? Why is is that small?
Nola octo-rig

The Octo-rig is a fake! Nola was outsourced by a children's bathtub toy. What's the matter, did Cheez-It's become too expensive? You should be ashamed of yourselves, CRB. She was a hard-working dog, dutifully responding to all those, er, Internet promotions. Now she will have to sell her laptop. Even a recently laid off postal worker would shudder at the type of retribution she could muster.


Dig Dug said...

hahaha! that is awesome man! Sorry nola, the economy being what it is, we had to make changes...don't worry, we are keeping your employment information on file!

Old Dirty Bass Fisherman said...

I may be the editor* but creaky rowboat is the money** behind this operation and so when he says Nolas position had to be outsourced, there was not much I could do.
*cant spell my own name
**supplys the shiner bock