Friday, February 29, 2008


On the (great?) waterski/ water ski debate.
From it's inception until 1995, The American Water Ski Association (AWSA-not the two-word moniker) )was the name of the sport's national organizing body. In 1996, The organizing body was reorganized under the name USA Waterski (note the single word), of which AWSA became one of several sport divisions. One may deduce that the unofficial stance of the new organizing body is that 'waterski' is a generic term, encompassing all watersports. 'Water ski' then refers to traditional three-event competition skiing.

Or did the new logo just happen to look better, a little tighter perhaps, without the space?

Interestingly enough, the sport's worldwide governing body is the International Water Ski Federation (IWSF-two-word moniker). Wakeboarding and three-event skiing fall under the governance of the IWSF and their two-word classification. So is it the US vs. the world?

Look at a few other English-speaking national federations:

Australian Waterski and Wakeboard federation

Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada

British Water Ski

More on this topic as new information is unearthed. It just keeps getting bigger

Monday, February 25, 2008

"We're at war,...

pick a side!" To quote the sagacious Stephen Colbert, It's time to take a stand on the most controversial issue in out sport. We align ourselves every time we write a blog post, or google search the latest neoprene acceessory.

Is it waterskiing or water skiing?
Space or compound word??????

gives no clear answer, as both versions appear.

ebay searches give a different set of results for waterski and water ski keyword searches.

Again borrowing form the esteemed Mr. Colbert, the market -always a good starting point for shouting matches- has apparently spoken on this one. Keyword "waterski" nets 66 items. Keyword "water ski" turns up 345.

Let the polarizing debate and mudslinging begin.
Courageously, I'll wait this one out, go with the enentual winner, and claim I was right all along.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Just watch...

and think happy thoughts...

until you walk outside your front door, only to face a cold, white, reality check...





with a gratuitous dog shot thrown in for good measure.

Nola Feb 08


Sunday, February 17, 2008


on the quest to rid the world of Puxatawney, and his icy plague.

Lakerykert has been tipped off by Knit Tidbits, that Puxatawney's plot is bigger than first intended. That fiendish rodent has enlisted minions all across this land to spy on us. One of Pux's Pawns has even set up shop under by shed back in the summer. Puxatawney does not just continue winter, he induces it as well. No groundhog with a network that large would be satisfied with just extendig winter. Be alert, be vigilant, spies are everywhere.

Even under my shed:

This was taken back in the summer. I have been a target for months now. Anyone reading this blog will be percieved as a threat to Puxatawney, and placed on his watch list. His reach is wide.

Friday, February 15, 2008

A little proposition...

for my fellow bloggers, the crew of the Rowboat, and the Wisconsin cheeseheaded waterski blog formerly known as Water on the Brain.

Winter is pounding us, mercilessly. I know where fault lies. Simply put,
We must hunt down and kill that dreaded Groundhog. I know just the people to help us.

Here's their story:

Now watch them in action.

I'd be willing to front a third of the Dough to thwart Puxatawnwey's reign of terror. Face it, Despite our immense combined strength, He just too much for three blogs to handle. Look at him.

(Photo part of Lakerykert's "ememny of the lake" surveillance operation)

He can't be stopped with nothing but a mouse, a frozen jump sling, a (well-worn)Dallas Friday poster, and one of those barefoot handles with the teeth-holder trick attachment.

For this call to arms, bloggers, I ask, are you in????

You're either with me or you're with Puxatawney.

Monday, February 04, 2008

This time, I will leave the Bitching...

about winter to the professionals.

Just two more months of this shit, hopefully.