Sunday, February 17, 2008


on the quest to rid the world of Puxatawney, and his icy plague.

Lakerykert has been tipped off by Knit Tidbits, that Puxatawney's plot is bigger than first intended. That fiendish rodent has enlisted minions all across this land to spy on us. One of Pux's Pawns has even set up shop under by shed back in the summer. Puxatawney does not just continue winter, he induces it as well. No groundhog with a network that large would be satisfied with just extendig winter. Be alert, be vigilant, spies are everywhere.

Even under my shed:

This was taken back in the summer. I have been a target for months now. Anyone reading this blog will be percieved as a threat to Puxatawney, and placed on his watch list. His reach is wide.

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