Thursday, May 31, 2007

Well, I've moved in...

Ok, not completely. But I now have a little time for aimless blogging.

I've still managed to ski during hiatus #2, just no time to blog about it. Something's gotta give.

Here are a few gratuitous photos:

Rick, the other unofficial Waterhawks buoy technician

That blur is Christy

Our ski club has a few new members this year

This blur is Danielle, She skis for the U. of Iowa, the only college team that can field a full women's team, but can't find enough men to do anything but wakeboard. Also, the school where yours truly is the unofficial coach

This is Mike, he skis with Iowa State, but is living and working in the Waterloo area this summer

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I know my photography skills need work. Please send me a new digital camera and I will be well on my way to better action shots.

Here's a quick blast from the past. In College, I was not much of a jumper. To celebrate this unfortunate truth, I decided to end my collegiate jumping career--a string of rodeo-style 40-footers and a few obscene gestures with the rope while skiing down the lake-- by going over the ramp in a suit and tie.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

My excuse...

for a dearth of content:

I'm moving.

My computer time has been taken up by packing my shi,er,stuff, into boxes