Monday, February 08, 2010

I am listening...

to grown men cry on WWL radio's Point After Saints Call in show.

Saints win the Super Bowl.

Fuck Yeah!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

War Damn...

Eagle! My alma mater, undergraduate edition, has a new ski team website.

Auburn University Water Ski Team

Check it out.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Why I am confident...

that the Saints will win:

Jesus Loves the Saints

Talk about waterskiing...

has been put on the back burner. Given my bayou-bred heritage, I am caught up in "Who Dat" hysteria.

Even Knit Tidbits , aka Mrs. Lakerykert, has the fever. Observe her latest crafting project:

Who Dat Saints Second Line Umbrella

I must admit, the NFC championship game wore me out, physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Saints win and Rykert is emotionally spent

sadly enough, Knit Tidbits did not capture my celebration on videotape. But it was something like this guy's.

Despite losing everything but bowel control after the big kick two weeks ago, I write, with confidence, that I am ready for the Su, whoops, I mean the game that will played on Sunday for the pro football championship.

For the record, Nola thinks I am fucking nuts
Did you say turkey

Also, Mad props to my CRB homeys for pulling for the Saints this weekend.