Friday, February 15, 2008

A little proposition...

for my fellow bloggers, the crew of the Rowboat, and the Wisconsin cheeseheaded waterski blog formerly known as Water on the Brain.

Winter is pounding us, mercilessly. I know where fault lies. Simply put,
We must hunt down and kill that dreaded Groundhog. I know just the people to help us.

Here's their story:

Now watch them in action.

I'd be willing to front a third of the Dough to thwart Puxatawnwey's reign of terror. Face it, Despite our immense combined strength, He just too much for three blogs to handle. Look at him.

(Photo part of Lakerykert's "ememny of the lake" surveillance operation)

He can't be stopped with nothing but a mouse, a frozen jump sling, a (well-worn)Dallas Friday poster, and one of those barefoot handles with the teeth-holder trick attachment.

For this call to arms, bloggers, I ask, are you in????

You're either with me or you're with Puxatawney.


Rowboat Abides said...

Hey, you leave my damn Dallas poster alone!

However, the CRB crew is in. $20 bounty on that goddamn rat.

Eric said...

Jimmy, the local rodent for me, predicted an early spring, so there is some hope. I'm still game for taking out Phil the imposter. Count me in.

Libby said...

You will recall, dear husband, that I did exterminate the woodchucks who took residence under our shed last summer. While they taunted me for weeks, they did eventually leave after getting sick of my yelling, fence rattling, and pepper blend deterrent.

I can be hired. It is in my genes.