Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Stricken with...


I'm currently recovering from a brief, though intense bout of benign positional vertigo. The timing sucks, being that this is just about the time to start skiing (and shivering) in Iowa. Instead of perfecting toe back-to-backs, I'm pushing for more modest goals, like not losing my balance while feeding Nola.

By the way, Nola has been busily responding to CRB emails lately. How the hell did she get sucked into that gig? ODBF, or perhaps the Minion, must have bribed her with Cheez-its.
Good luck trying to get Nola to return the Missing CRB padlle, though.

Nola laptop


Libby said...

Dude. We actually have Photoshop now, and you are still using Paint!

Rykert said...

MS paint is my canvas

Creaky Rowboat said...

oh my. that is amazing. your skills are unmatched.