Saturday, April 18, 2009

Oh how silly...

you are. You thought you could capture Nola with Jack Bauer.
Jack Bauer is the Elmer Fudd to Nola'a Bugs Bunny.
Nola has a plan for "inconveniences" such as these. Jack has a weakness and Nola knows how to exploit it.
All she has to do is distract Jack.

But how?
With a sound, the sound that can break Jack's laser-sight focus.

Nola always keeps a phone under her collar, for emergencies such as these.

Splash! Jack distracted, Nola lunges out of the rowboat.

Nola's escape

In panic, Jack fires a shot.
Jack is upset.

Jack misses, piercing the hull!

So Nola swims away, sits on shore, and laughs.

So here we stand: a rowboat at he bottom of the lake, a dog on shore, a cooler and a paddle floating on the surface. I think Jack went down with the ship.

How did Nola get past the fat floating gunmen??

How, you ask?


cheez-it distraction

They produce quite a distraction.
Your move, CRB

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Dig Dug said...

Nola is our Nina. Well played...this will not be the end of this saga...