Monday, July 27, 2009

Road trip suggestion...

for my blogging Brethren, The CRB.

Get thee to Wilmington IL, this Saturday evening to watch Men 2 jump @ the Midwest Regional Championships.

The contenders* are all jumping their at best, and far.
Brian Ansel- 168 "on a 3/4" @ the Iowa Games**
Jeff Surdej- 166 @ The Illinois State Championships**
Brett Mommer- 160 "on my heels" @ The Illinois State Championships**
Aaron Weeks- no score from Indiana State Championships, but a solid 146 average.
Rykert Toledano- 156 and "I missed my lift" @ the Iowa Games**
Mike LaMarche- 143 @ the Illinois State Championships**

* All the level 8 jumpers as of Monday 7/27/09 on the
ranking list.
** scores posted in a 5-10 mph tight-crossing tailwind

This Year, Water's Edge has a second ramp. That Means GUARANTEED HEADWIND. Guaranteed headwind means BIGGER JUMPS.

CRB, need a phat ride to roll into the event?

May I suggest this:


Old Dirty Bass Fisherman said...

That is actually a picture of the CRB crew. Im in the backseat chewing on crayons.

Rowboat Abides said...

oh man, that does sound fun. We should road trip at some point. Rowboat is indisposed this coming weekend as it is...the old ball and chain ya know?


Rowboat Abides said...

just caught the picture caption in the flickr. POS CRB car. Love it. We are dropping 100 internet dollars on the hood.

Thanks, and now? Its the contact vehicle! Thanks Rykert!

Libby said...

I don't understand and I hate to be a spoil sport, but how can it be a guaranteed headwind? I mean, what about a cross-wind. Maybe it's just the lawyer in me, but one should be cautious when using words such as "GUARANTEED."

Libby said...

Did'ja see the Flickr blog yesterday? Did ya? It was all about skiing and it featured one of our pictures...

Surprised you haven't blogged it yet.