Monday, October 11, 2010

A few random shots...

from Nationals

That is one bad-ass bike. Those douchebags* on American Chopper can suck it.

If any of those companies want to sponsor me, you can only contact me between the hours of 7am-7am Monday through Sunday.

Add some "happy little trees" in the foreground, and you have Bob Ross-ian ski shot.

Did Guam get a flag?

*I hate that fucking show. I would rather watch ten hours of the Lifetime network than ten minutes of any episode ofAmerican Chopper. Making an ugly, barely driveable motorcycle with fire engine parts on it won't change the world, you dipshits.

1 comment:

ODBF said...

oh man does that show suck. unless they want to give me one, which i will sell for tons of dollas. then they would be cool