Thursday, October 07, 2010


It's time for the first ever Waterskiing, etc movie review. Ok, not so much as a movie review as a comparison between two sets of trick videos.

Up first, we have a trip back to the mid 90's with the Cory Pickos/Mike Suyderhoud Trick Clinic series.

Next, representing the mid to late 00s (and the continent of Australia), is the Joel Wing Beginner to Advanced trick instructional DVD.
For a tricks instructional video, DVD is obviously superior to VHS, especially if a viewer does not wish to view the tricks in order. Advantage: Wing

When it comes to instructor gravitas, Cory and Mike win, hands down, no contest. Check out Cory's career highlights here
and mike's here .

For comparison's sake, here is a link to Joel's list of accomplishments Though he is obviously a world-class skier, he cannot compete with 24 world trick records over three different decades.

After watching all three of Cory and Mike's tapes,I think Joel mad a mistake making only one DVD to cover the entire trick event. Slalom and jump require initial mastery of a few fundamental techniques, only the speed and intensity changing. Tricking requires more techniques than either slalom or jump, perhaps too many to cover in a single video. It shows when watching the Wing video. Sometimes Joel channels his inner Micro Machine man while trying to analyze difficult tricks.

Cory and Mike could be accused of the opposite. Over a series of three tapes and nearly three hours, they spend much more time per trick than the Joel does. Cory and Mike give a few tricks extra time, show multiple takes in slow motion, and at regular speed with analysis of every part of the trick.

Joel Wing shot his video on a river in Australia lined with ridiculously expensive home and disgustingly expensive yachts. While that makes for a postcard-worthy backdrop, It can be distracting for an instructional video. Cory and Mike shot their video on a large, relatively uninhabited lake surrounded by desert mountains. Cory's skiing stands out clearly against the bland background. Cory and Mike's producers must have used a bland backdrop to compensate for the low resolution of VHS. As a result, the skiing is very watchable, despite Cory's Mullet. Cory and Mike win again with location.

So to anyone looking for some video trick coaching, skip Joel's DVD and buy Cory and Mike's series instead. Oh wait, Cory and Mike's are not for sale anymore. Just call me before coming over to my place for a viewing party. Remember, I work night shifts, so I sleep a lot during daylight hours.

Oh yeah, and don't drink all of my Coke Zeros while watching my Pickos tapes. My guard dog will be all up in the grille of anyone who so much as looks at my fridge.


You know who you are.

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