Friday, October 13, 2006

I am my own worst critic...

part 4 of 4.

Here, I conclude with another substandard attempt at what is an inconsistent trick for me, the W5B.

Take a looky-see.

wake 5b 1
Apparently, I start all my tricks in the right position

wake 5b 2
Good, compressing with the legs while keeping the back straight.

wake 5b 3
This series should be titled "the perils of preturning." I am ready to explode off the, uh, middle, of the wake. Once again, I've been impatient in my edge to the wake.

wake 5b 4
I have a nice spin going here, but look at where I am in relation to the wake. I am only a few inches away, laterally, from where I was preparing for takeoff in picture three. This is an example of solid technique in the wrong spot.

wake 5b 5
The preturn has caused me to spin into excessive slack rope. Because I did not use maximum wake height and rope load, I've pulled my hips inward with the handle pass, but I lacked the up and out direction that comes with using all of the wake. As a result, I don't get all the way around in the air. Even though I know I am sliding the trick, I try to spin the last 180 degrees anyway. Thanks to landing in slack, my ski is sinking as I spin. So it acts like a big scoop in the...

wake 5b 6

That fall stung.

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