Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I am my own worst critic...

part 2 of 4.

This time it's my flip. I have my good and bad days with this trick, some days I stick the landing, some days I butt-check the landing, and sometimes put it in the water every time. This was a particularly bad day for flips.

flip 1
I'm ok right here.

flip 2
I'm still right where I need to be, stacked over the ski, setting a progressive edge.

flip 3
This is where it goes bad. I've loaded the rope as hard as I can, and I'm not even in the spray yet. Notice my left shoulder. It's beginning to get pulled into the boat. I've already peaked the load on the rope, and at the moment of the picture, the rope load is beginning to decrease. I should be STARTING to edge more aggressively here, not peaking out.

flip 4
The sensation of reduced rope load somewhat mimics the reduced rope tension that occurs when leaving the wake. This causes me to begin my flip rotation too early. I am just before the top of the wake, and I have already initiated the flip. At this point on the wake, I still need to be edging away.

flip 5
Although my position in the air is good, I have not achieved much height because I have not used the full height of the wake, or the maximum load on the rope.

flip 6
The result of all this is an incomplete rotation. My ski does not rotate under my hips, and I fall, damnit.

Tomorrow, wake 540 back-to-front!

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