Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I am my own worst critic...

part 3 of 4.


Many of the same flaws in my wrapped WO technique show up in this trick. Observe.

wake 5f 1
As usual, I am in good position at the start.

wake 5f 2
Here's where the problems begin. I have reduced, not increased my edge and I am beginning to bend over slightly at the waist. This is the opposite of what I should be doing. I should be increasing my edge as I come into the top of the wake, and keeping an upright upper body.

wake 5f 3
As was the case with the WO, my axis is good, but I am in the wrong spot. Once again, I am mistaking the feeling of reduced rope tension from the flat ski for the feeling of the edged ski releasing off the top of the wake.

wake 5f 4
I do not finish the rotation in the air, I simply slide down the wake. The lack of direction at the beginning of the spin causes the slack rope, which in turn cause me to finish the (no credit) trick with poor body position.

wake 5f 5
I get back into tricking position only after a second or two of repositioning myself, and waiting for the rope to come tight. I'm still wasting time between tricks with poor execution.

The series concludes tomorrow with a W5B.

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