Monday, October 09, 2006

I am my own worst critic...

part 1 of 4.

Thanks to a friend with a much better camera than I have, I had the opportunity to get some good sequence shots of some of my hand tricks (Thanks, Jeff!!). This gave me a great opportunity to critique myself, so here goes.

Wrapped wake O

wake o 1

As I am about to start the trick, I have an excellent stance over the ski, but very little edge into the wake. I will not be able to turn this trick into a reverse W5B unless I get a stronger edge into the wake.

wake o 2

Once again, a solid position with a good axis of rotation. The problem here is my location relative to the wake. Although I have released from the wake, I am directly over the top of the wake. This means that I must have begun to turn BEFORE the top of the wake

wake o 3

By turning early, I have advanced on the boat, with minimal outward direction. This is, more than likely, what caused the slack in the rope.

wake o 4

Although I have reset to a balanced skiing position, I have wasted a second or two waiting for the rope to come tight again. This is probably why My flip was out of time at dream lake three weeks ago. There is no time to waste in a 20-second pass.

Speaking of flips, that's the trick for part 2. Log in tomorrow for more in-depth analysis.

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