Monday, July 31, 2006

Stuff seems to break...

right before big tournaments. Two years ago, I tore my trick boot overlay right before nationals. Just this saturday, the weekend before regionals, I ripped an edge on my right jump ski. It was only a few inches of the rubber edging, but it came off at the back inside corner, a spot that is probably in contact with the ramp surface at impact (If I look there while jumping, I will likely be the stuff that breaks!).
JB Weld has never let me down so far. Hopefully JB, my newly-purchased clamp, and the wooden stake filed to match the curve of the ski will combine to produce exceptional holding power.

Broken edge2

Broken edge1

Attention married men who ski! Using a kitchen tool to file a curve in the wooden stake you use to disperse the clamping force down the length of your jump ski is a good way to make your wife angry. Sorry Libby!

Now, excuse me while I kneel before the magic corn and beg for superior adhesion.

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