Monday, July 31, 2006

Remember the buzzkiller...

phone message about PITS being full? Not so fast. the next night, I got a phone call from one of their club members. He told me that one of their members was not going to ski, so there was an open spot for me.

In Iowa, they say that when the corn shows its kernerls, your wish is granted.

So, I hit the road,
road to PITS

and drove to a sweet site.


I left with PBs in jump and overall

Mad props (the boathouse ain't the only ski blog bustin' hip lingo!)to everyone @ PITS, they put on a good tournament back in early July.

Troy didn't ski on saturday, so I must have taken his spot. Thanks Troy, you get a picture.
troy z jump2

And of course, thanks to the magic ear of corn.

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