Thursday, June 01, 2006

Summer is the wrong...

season for business trips. Just ask Clint. He missed out on a head wind (the first wed, evening head wind in nearly a month) for some engineerig thing that I don't understand. I only engineer with duct tape (see previous post)

Chuck, you have to relax your arms into the base of the ramp!

chuck counter

You are fine out of the counter cut.

chuck form break

This is where the perfect pass switch kicks off. You are relinquising all of that hard-earned rope tension. Remember Scot Ellis' 4 rules: head up, back Straight, arms straight, skis together.

Everybody looks like a slalom god from a distance.

chuck slalom 2

Pat is back! On a trick ski? He used to make fun of me for tricking. Now he wants to trick more. He says yesterday was the best he had ever tricked, thanks to the upgrade to the new connelly. His last trick ski was from the disco era. If I fallearly this weekend and he beats me, I will never hear the end of it (deservedly so)

pat trick 2

pat trick 3

I would like to thank the cinematographer form the old Batman TV show for those tricking shots. na na na na na na na na.....

Here's a cool photo sequence. This is Leah's first ever set over the ramp with a jump sling. Notice how on each jump she gets into a better position

leah sling 1
jump 1, landing like a bag of shit

leah sling 2
jump 2, not much better, and the right arm is bent

leah sling 3
jump 3, almost there, not as much righ elbow flexion

leah sling 4
jump 4, you've got the right one baby, uh huh! The best form Chuck, Pat or I have ever seen from her. She went to the dock after that one.

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I am envious of your site. By the way, I had to crack back a little bit on you, check it out.