Thursday, June 22, 2006

In the search for...

answers to my problems at the one ball at 32 off, I had Leah take some shots of me around one ball for a few passes. I didn't learn much from the shots.

ryk sl 5

ryk sl 3

I did learn that i should try to get some shots right as I change edges going into the one ball. That might clue me in to why I am getting so much damn slack. I think it involves accellerating past the boat in some form or another.

Chuck's slalom form is improving. Unfortunately, I do not think my camerawork is. But it's the best I can do witha camera that was already obselete two years ago.

Notice through the boat spray and bad shadowing that he is not so hunched over.

chuck slalom 4

Here's a sequence of Jeff Howard. He looks a lot like Chuck at the base.

jeff howard counter

jeff how at base

jeff how off the top

jeff how landing

Not much footage from Clint. He passed,

clint passes

to go on a business trip, again. According to my wife, aka
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    they aren't much fun. CLint needs to convince the boss to let him do his traveling in the winter, when, frankly, the less time in Iowa the better.

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