Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lately I have been...

critical of some of my skiing partners'(namely Chuck and Leah)
jump form on this blog. In keeping with that "cast the first stone" mantra, here is an example the your moderator's distance-killing tendencies.

This is me before the wakes on a cut to the ramp. I'm cutting on my right ski, the rope is tight, and I'm in pretty decent position. Not a Freddy or Scot position, but all in all not bad.


After the second wake, I look like crap. My left ski is out of the water, but there is, noticeably, less pressure on my right ski. In response to the decreased rope load, my legs have straightened, and I have almosdt comp[letely lost the strong position I attained before the wakes. To top it off, look at the rope. See that curve? That's slack. The PP switch has kicked off. The result: a mediocre jump


Ah ha! thanks to Leah's camerawork, I know what I have to work on.


I have to get the slack out of the slalom rope too.

If you are not photoshop-savvy, the camera doesn't lie.

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Creaky Rowboat said...

I have probaly mentioned this before but, I am quite jealous of your ski sit. especially the third picture down where I spot two jumps floating around back there.