Friday, May 19, 2006

"No more pencils...

No more books, No more teachers' dirty looks..." and I'm glad.

I Just graduated nursing school. No job yet. For now it's 1/2 a day for NCLEX review and job hunting, and 1/2 a day for skiing.

here's some circumstantial evidence (my wife would nbot be smiling in a phony graduation shot)


There has been 20+mph winds up here for about 10 straight days. Check out what we had to contend with on wed.

windy day

Luckily, our lake has two ramps facing opposite directions. One is for distance, and one is for show ski jumping. In a moment of sacrilege, (and self-preservation) we decided to do single wake cuts off the show jump. A 25 mph head wind with whitecaps is much better than a 25 mph tail wind with whitecaps. Chuck's landing photo has a good shot of the chop that day.

chuck midair

chuck landing

Sepaking of Chuck, It looks like he is finally back to full strength. Three years ago, he blew out his left knee throwing gainers off the ramp in the ski show. He actually did a little better than just blowing out his knee. He tore the ACL,MCL, and PCL. For good measure, his Tibia was displaced superiorly, and he tore one of his hamstring muscles off the bone. He has since retired from show jumping.

This sport must be addictive. Skiers will bust their asses to get back on the water even after VERY nasty injuries.

This morning I was ready to break my trick ski into a million pieces. Every time I get frustrated, I try to invent some drill to work on balance and forget about my trick passes for a while. Today I was crossing both wakes as fast as I could in both backwrap positions. I discoverd that it is a very good drill, and I think I uncovered some fundamental balance weaknesses in my trick skiing. I was very unsteady in my regular backwrap, and was falling after the second wake in the reverse backwrap position. attaining enough balance and control to mimic slalom free-skiing should get me out of this tricking funk, and climp up to the next level, I hope. No pics, I forgot the camera.

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