Monday, August 11, 2008

"part the fourth..."

of my lame regionals coverage.

It had everything:

The Good:

Brian Ansel's winning jump, 165 feet. Sweet.

The Bad:

My last jump. When My right ski went below parallel to the water, I stopped giving a shit about riding the jump away.

The Ugly:

Leah. One second longer, and she would have face planted the ramp.

This Picture should explain the mishap above.
LEAH, DO NOT JUMP WITH A BROKEN FIN (or even the suspicion of a broken fin)

Pat Cook finished his Men 2 career with a 135 foot jump in conditions that wer more conducive to tubinbg and beer-drinking. Not bad, Pat.

Thanks again to "Flyin'" Brian Reed for the videography.
He passed this one, but posted a 130 ft. jump for a place on the podium.

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Anonymous said...

Leah you got really manly, taken a double cut on your jumps!!nice