Friday, August 29, 2008

Non-stop action...

From the Cy-Hawk Alumni tournament.

Clint Anderson, ISU alum

Tom Stelzer, current UI skier.
Tom, you are supposed to stomp your skis BEFORE hitting the ramp

Leah Timmerman, UI alum

Maggie Tierney, ISU

I don't know which team won, The scores have not yet been posted on

Unfortunately, the lights for for the ski show later that night, there was no night jump.

Check out the lenses in my sunglasses. You can see the back of the boat and the wake in one lens, and Brian taking the picture in the other. Nice shot Brian.

One last thing: Notice the slack rope in the air. That came courtesy of a 15 mph slack tailwind. I was glad I had to leave early on Saturday. I did not want to jump in those conditions. 100_0772

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