Sunday, April 06, 2008


ski season has begun. This past Friday (April 4th), to be exact. I was supposed to get on the water the day before (April 3rd), but there was one small problem.

Snow in April 1

Snow in April 2

The snow was not the main problem. It was the lightning stikring the area in the hours before the snow. I lack, however, the photographic acumen to catch a bolt on (digital, or any) film.

Friday's conditions (minus the 40-something degree water temperature coupled with slight wind chop on the Coralville reservoir), were perfect. Eagerly, I hitched up the (oh-how-she-shows-her-age) Moomba. Notice the missing giude bar on the back of the trailer. I believe that costs extra, just like the starter that accepts vintage car keys, flathead screwdrivers, and Swiss Army can openers. It also accepts as its own (precision-machined) ignition key.

Moomba + Xtera

I managed to take anything-but-fall-please trick set, and I rode my jumpers. I had big plans to get lots of video footage, but my camera battery crapped out early. All I managed to get were a couple clips of wake jumping and a few surface tricks. Oh well, It's early yet, and and I skied like it.

Not terribly exciting footage. Like I said, it's early.

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Eric said...

I'm jealous. If the weather cooperates, I'll be on the water this coming weekend. Our lakes are just starting to open up. I did manage to get an earlier start than you this year (again), I took my first runs of the year back in January.