Monday, June 11, 2007

skier's canned lament:

THis afternoon, I'm meeting Rick rick preturn 1
at the Lake windy day to get 2-3 set of slalom today. Winds are supposed to be 10-20 MPH. I have not taken one slalom practice set in calm water this year. Sooner or later, the lake has to look like this DSCN1579

It has to get calm eventually, right?


Libby said...

I'm confused by the last picture. I thought the ramp pointed the other direction. At least it's not as windy as it was last week (I think it was Thursday) when we had hurricane force winds.

Wedge said...

I'm sorry, but your lake just doesn't look big enough to be bothered by a lot of wind unless it is coming right down the pipe. Granted, last Thursday's wind was bad even here in Mad-City.

The Rowboat Abides said...

serious dude, the CRB is back up and its your turn...where you been?