Monday, June 04, 2007

It's the most wonderful...

time of the year, so the oft-parodied Christmas song goes. Bite me, Burl Ives, give me tournament season anyday.

Enjoy the following words and pictures.
(That tagline was so understated that it was pompus--like my blogging is too profound to be hyped. Don't you hate it when people do that. Oh, wait,I just did)

Driving the pick-up boat at Waterhawk tournaments is normally a way to become bored and sunburned at the same time. Unless, you spend you time trying to manuver that rustbucket into position for photos.

lindhorst ball view
Amy, shot while foating in line with the 2-ball and the boat guides. I think this was 34mph/15off

I was trying to get Todd right as he came through the entrance gates.
todd n misses
He missed #1 and I missed my picture spot.

It just so happenned thatI was able to get a bunch of Jump pics. Dan Shuman took several of these when he was safety swimmer while I was driving the pickup boat.

Speaking of Dan, here's a shot.
dan shuman
Todd, Bitchin' flame decals on the hat.

This is Dan's Trophy shot: Brian Reed (or reedski as he is known to passing motorists and lurkers on the message board)halfway up the ramp. It took several shots to get this one.
reedski 4
This is damn tricky to shoot when your camera has a 1-2 second shutter delay.

How about some good Leah, bad Leah?

Good Leah: leah counter
Nice balanced position on the counter cut.

Bad Leah:
leah crush
How the hell did she not go OTF?

Keep your chest up!!!

Here is another instance of an RN advising a first year medical resident:
The finger is me telling Marie to edge all the way through the ramp, in that direction.
janice's advice

I got a few more Pics on my Flickr page But that's all I've got for now.

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