Thursday, August 10, 2006

Job offers still pending...

I have time to continue posting.

This picture proves two things:
ramp spray
1. Bob made it on the ramp
2. I need a camera with a shorter shutter delay.

But I digress..
Hey, any of you young punks out there think you're tough?

You're probably not as tough as these ladies. Women's 6, and Women's 8, and they're still hitting the ramp.

janet piercy jump

I'm not sure if this is Janet or Janice, but neither show signs of slowing down.

mary jo jump 2
mary jo jump 1

That's Mary Jo Pinkerton, still grippin' it and rippin' it.

The Doctor is in... the slalom course.

marie slalom 2

marie slalom 3
Too late to make the turn to #5 on that one. Just like surgery, sometimes your cut just doesn't have enough angle.
STELZER, MARIE NEO 26 OMAHA, NE 4.00 522300 58.00 S 623.7

Next time you see her at the lake, or the surgical suite, ask her about ballsac point on Coralville lake, I believe it's some sort of geographic anomaly, or maybe it's where some guy flashed her from shore.

I can't top lakeside exhibitionism, so I'll save the final post-regionals post for another day.

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