Monday, January 30, 2012

While watching the winter...

X games, I could help but notice two things about single trick snowmobiling.  First, those guys are a little bit crazy to do that.  Second, they all are wearing motocross neck braces.  It got me wondering if  jumpers should be wearing them too.

  neck brace

 Potential problems I see are 

1) They are designed for impacts on solid surfaces, not water.  That could be a problem.

2) A restriction in the jumper's ability to turn his/her head    

3) Immobilization of the neck in an impact might make lower sections of the spine more vulnerable to serious injury

4) Lack of movement in the neck could mean that more force is transferred to the head, i.e., a negligible reduction in neck injuries could lead to a significant increase in concussions.  (although I would  take a concussion over a neck fracture anyday)

5) If there is a real benefit, would it be at all levels, or only for advanced jumpers?

I am no authority on this subject, so I have no answers.  I do think , however, that I have come up with some legitimate questions.  If other sports with similar impact speeds are using these neck braces, it seems to me jumpers should be, at least, looking into it. Anything short of not skiing in the first place that makes this

safer sounds like a great idea to me.  


Rykert said...
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Libby said...

BTW: I left this comment under your name and then deleted it. For posterity here it is again.

I don't know. But from a legal perspective, you will certainly void any warranty that is associated by using it for a non-contemplated use. You should contact the company and ask them.

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