Thursday, September 29, 2011

In honor of their...

first trip to Midwest Collegiate Regionals in a looong time,  I will show a little Hawkeye love

In your head, substitute "tournament" for "game"

here are a couple of the top Hawkeyes in action

Maddy: UI team president and  matriarch.  She also happens to be the baddest chick in the Great Plains conference.

David: Dedicated protegee of yours truly.  He Starts as soon as the ice melts, and skis until it comes back.  He has had top 5 finishes in tricks this season (I attribute this to coaching) 

(no video available)
His slalom scores (and boat towing)  make up for  his clumsiness on a pair of tricks (he's getting better).  Each week, he leads Iowa's men's slalom team, and hopes that he does not have to jump.

Stephanie:  "Who is the new girl that just came out?"  "I don't know."  "Damn, she can really ski.  Usually when we get newbies we're lucky if they can do a deep water start... on jumpers."



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