Monday, July 25, 2011

Lakerykert team member injured...

this past weekend.

When not concocting elabotate schemes to foil the CRB's
drinking plans, Nola is my tournament sidekick.

Her normal tournament duties include swimming, shaking off on other skiers and/or spectators, soliciting anyone for free petting, and giving me a pre-ski pep talk.* While performing said duties, Nola makes a few assumptions:
1. All humans in attendance are her newest best friends
2. All other dogs in attendance will be her new best friends.
3. All humans in attendance want to throw the racquetball into the water
4. All food, if it's on the ground, goes to the hound.

This time, Nola was wrong about #2.


She was very wrong.
In exchange for an inquisitive sniff, a 40 lb. pipsqueak of a Labradoodle bit off a chunk of Nola's right ear. As always, she showed her true fighting spirit while cowering onto the ground. It's not too serious of an injury, but the vet will have to sedate her tomorrow to shave the ear and give it a good cleaning. She also got a course of antibiotics. Interesting sidenote: The standard large breed dose of Keflex is the same as the standard adult dose.

In about a week or so, she should be back to doing this:

In the meantime, enjoy the drugs Nola.

*Nola's pep talks entail loud barking in my ear while I slip my my feet into soapy bindings. If she deems I am not sufficiently "jacked," she jumps in after me.


Libby said...

And to the d-bag owners of said frankendog 'doodle, karma will kick you in the ass.

Dig Dug said...

hope Nola is doing well! got some chew toys in the cooler for when she is better!