Sunday, December 23, 2007

Once more...

I bring you, my loyal reader(s), a double dip from the skiing and holiday goodie jar-also known as YouTube- sprinkled with chocolatey commentary.
Here is the world record that never was, according to IWSF. Oops, someone forgot to take centerline video.

These are simple views of Jamie's unofficial record pass. While not perfect shots, they do capture the accelleration and angle required to slalom into 43'off
41' off

43' off

Here is another view of Jamie's record. I think this is an example of the "less is more" mantra when it comes to fancy camera work in water skiing. Maybe I am a crumudegon, but the simple shot in the first two videos makes the skiing lok all the more impressive. in the Last video, all the zooming in and slomo seems like Mr. Camerman is trying too hard to make Jamie look cool, you know, for the kids. The vid makes Jamie look like he is trying harder to 'strike a pose'
than break a formidable world record. Leave the posing to the male models.

Our sport does not need anthing that gimmiky (did I hear cheesy)? That reminds me, I need to perfect my post(stand up)-toe pass hair flip this winter.

Note: I am not criticising Jamie's not-so-subtle plugs to his sponsors in the post-pass interview. The man has bills to pay.
Note: Three videos do not constitute a triple-dip into the goodie jar. I consider the first two to be one video in two parts.

As promised, a Holiday gem on this most sacred of days for the rest of us.


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