Wednesday, February 07, 2007


trick skiing footage. This is Nicholas Leforestier's 12,400 pt world record.

M. Leforestier, vous etes le meilleur de figures. Pardonnez, mais il est trop difficile de mettre les accents avec cet ordinateur.
(a minor in French has to be good for something)

Now, if only the elusive Kreuger 243' vid could be unearthed. It must be on a hard drive somewhere. We have this thing called video jump, for Chirst's sake. I seriously doubt someone at the site of the record, saw the jump footage and thought "Ehhhh, I'll just erase this 243-foot jump from my hard drive to free up disk space for Boys' 1 slalom." Or, worse yet, the jump was immortalized on VHS, only to be overdubbed by a dumbass for a can't-miss American Idol retrospective.

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Creaky Rowboat said...

Damn Straight.