Wednesday, November 29, 2006

just a thought...

According to only one (of many) blogrings ,
over 1000 active knitting blogs exist in cyberspace.

Only 2 waterski blogs fight for bandwidth.


That's 1000+

to 2

Kinda sad


Eric said...

I think you need to up your count to 3. I know the other blog you're talking about (I have a link to it) and you can add mine. Although it is not exclusive to water skiing, there is a lot of water skiing posts.

Libby said...

Um Rykert... this last commenter went skiing last week in Madison. And he appears to see the same movies as us. The similarities are freaking me out.

Eric said...

I am thinking about putting my boat away for the year now. We were hit by a small winter storm this morning. My insulated garage has been maintaining 45 degrees so I may hold out for one more run.

As for the movies... I end up seeing most of them so that definately increases the likelihood that the movies we see overlap. The question is do we have the same opinion of them?