Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Moments from...

a skiing deprivation induced delerium, the season started. April 1st, a nice round date to get back on the water. First, a little srping cleaning on the POS U of I Moomba, with muratic acid. That tingle tells you it's working. So does a full thickness chemical burn. Luckily we,managed to avoid any singeing flesh. I'm doing nursing clinicals in the burn unit, and I'll be damned if I have to spend water time in there.
As for the skiing itself, just some rusty trick skiing. I did not set the lake on fire. I was just happy to be out there, especially after a first day of spring like this:

happy spring

That snowstorm was a major buzzkiller. Happily, the snow soon melted, and the air grew (I can't ask for much better than) tolerable.

So now I'm back on the weekly, or biweekly, hell, tri-or-quad weekly if I can, trips to ski at waterhawks. Around my apartment ( also a POS, by a cozy POS nonetheless)There are a few other signs of ski season. A drysiut hanging over my balcony, for example:

dripping drysuit

The pond in the background is the same one as in the happy spring picture, only three weeks and 35 degrees later.

The surest sign, however, is my wheeled three-event bag:

wheeled 3-event bag

Call me crazy, but wet neoprene smells way better than those Xmas tree air fresheners.

Now I need to start bringing a camera to the lake.


Libby said...

Wet neoprene smells like wet dog.

Your drysuit looks like a dead guy falling off the balcony.

reagan said...

Its time for another entry.