Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Measure once...

drill twice, isn't that how the old saying goes? I finally mounted my jump bindings this past weekend. My new bindings are about 1.5 inches back form my old boots, as you can see here

new mount

One small problem. After painstakingly measuring the exact locations to drill pilot holes, I screwed up, royally. One of the holes did not match up the binding plate's hole pattern. So I had to improvise and drill a new hole into the binding. I figured it's a lot better than drilling a new hole into the ski. A new binding base plate is much, much cheaper than a new pair of jumpers. Take a gander

wrong hole

Notice the screw just to the outside of the predrilled holes. What workmanship! I hope Freddy Krueger's advice on my binding location works. Moving the bindings will be a pain in the ass if I have to do it. Hopefully, I won't.

Glitches be damned, I am done and ready to go! The new hole shouldn't compromise strength on the plate. I have my old buddy JB Weld to assure that. I set all the screws in a little dab of it. I am banking on not having to mess with the overlays this year, knock on wood.

So here they are, in all their mounted glory


Nothing left do but wait impatiently to hit the ramp again.

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