Friday, February 24, 2006

missed it by that much

16 minutes , to be exact. I walked up the stairs to my apartment and found a note from FedEx. They had stopped by to with my new jump bindings at 12:40 p.m. It was 12:56. Damn, I thought. Yeah, I know it's still winter, but every waterskier I know feels like a kid on christmas morning when they get a new peice of equipment delivered to their door, season or off-season. One more day won't kill me.
Speaking of the off-season, I've added plyometrics to my off-season workout. Ben Favret recommends them in The Complete Guide to Waterskiing. Scot Ellis has told me that he does them in the off season, and I've read posts on about other EP and Open rated skiers doing them as well. My version of the plyometric workout is probably not the greatest, but I have a a small space and limited equipment at my bargain-basement gym. So I do what I can with a jump rope and a few Reebok Step blocks.
After the first couple times, my calves have been in knots the following morning, so I must be working something. Plyometrics also beat the hell out of running on a treadmill (Raised in South Louisiana, I lack the cold tolerance to run outside during an Iowa winter). Maybe Plyometrics will be the thing that finally gets me a little bit of lift of the top of the ramp. In jump, I have developed a reputation of being strong and fast on my skis, with absolutely no kick. We'll see this summer.

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Anonymous said...

Great blog, Rykert. It's my first visit to anyone's blog, but so far, your's is the best. Can't wait for summer either, and hopefully we will get to come see you ski sometime. Last time we tried to come watch, it was over when we got there.